Info for new residents

Welcome to housing cooperative Göteborgshus 14

With this welcome letter, we want to inform you about our tenant-owner association. Further down in the letter there is useful information about, for example, laundry rooms, parking and broadband. Feel free to read this letter in its entirety and if you have further questions about your new accommodation, there is a lot of information on our website.

About the housing cooperative Göteborgshus14
Our nice residential area is located in Annedals parish in the city of Gothenburg and includes the plot rights to the properties Guldheden 43: 1, Guldheden 40: 1 and Guldheden 42: 1. In our area on Guldheden there is plenty of service, including two grocery stores, service shops, shoemakers and pizzerias. There is also a tram stop just behind the business building at the top of Dr Bex street and at Dr Fries square. City buses are available at the Syster Estrids gata stop. The roads in our association are dead ends, which limits the traffic load.

Our residential buildings were built in the Fältsippan and Gullspiran neighborhoods in the early 1950s, and on the site in the Backsippan neighborhood, the business building was built where Coop, Guldheden’s cat home, a hairdresser and a pizzeria are today. There are a total of 281 apartments in the association. In addition, we also have premises, garage and parking spaces. Our houses are classified as ”worthy of preservation” because they are a good example of 1950s architecture and urban planning ideals. All external renovation must therefore take into account this classification. Therefore, always contact the board before you start with major renovations that change the apartment’s floor plan for the board’s approval. We would also like to draw your special attention to the fact that the sensitivity of our apartments presupposes that we jointly strive to keep noise levels down. Disturbing noise must not occur after 22.00 or before kl. 07.00 every day of the week.

With this, we warmly welcome you to the association, we hope you enjoy it!

Regards the board of Gbghus 14

General information

The association has its own broadband via the internet provider Bredband2. The broadband cost is included in the fee and you connect by connecting directly to the socket. Do you have problems with broadband? Read more on our website.

Our houses were built in the 1950s with the technology that applied at the time, which means a certain sensitivity, which must be taken into account. This also means that the houses are not thermally insulated according to modern standards. We strive for an indoor climate of 21-22 degrees. This is monitored with sensors and adjusted automatically for outdoor temperature. Make sure that the radiators of the apartment are completely ”open” so that the heat is regulated automatically.

Error report
If problems arise or if you have thoughts about something, there are many answers to download on our website. Answers to most questions that arise can be found under ”Frequently Asked Questions”. As a member of the association, you can call or email PLL Fastighetsförvaltning to report a fault if something in your apartment or in our common areas needs to be fixed. To make an Error Report, call 031-19 80 19, fill in the form on PLL Error Report or leave a message on the answering machine. PLL’s switchboard is open weekdays 07.00-16.00 and otherwise refers to answering machine, email or the form on the website. In the event of an acute fault, for example water leakage outside normal working hours, you can call Låsinväst 031-21 04 00. Be aware that when you as a member call an emergency or other help and it appears that it is the member’s responsibility, the person in question must bear the costs. Our statutes state what is the member’s and what is the association’s responsibility

Insurance and Tenancy Supplements
The association has no collective tenant-ownership supplement, but you may take out your own supplement to the home insurance.

Common rooms
The association has common rooms that can be booked via the website or on site via the booking board. To book via the website, you need a username and password, the username is on the tag (the number of the last two lines without zeros) and you choose the password when you activate the tags on the intercom for the first time. Some of the premises are rented for a fee, these are the two overnight rooms and the club room.

There is also a sauna, ping pong room, exercise room and hobby room. To gain access to these, you must make a registration via the website and pay a small one-time fee to gain access to these spaces. You will find further information and booking procedure via our website.

Premises for rent
The association has a lot of other premises and storage that can be rented by members. Registration of interest takes place through the website.

The association has a number of parking spaces for cars that are rented out by Riksbyggen, it is also possible to rent space for charging an electric car. There is also a limited number of garages. If you want to line up or want to know where you stand in the queue for parking, call Riksbyggen on 0771-860 860 or email your question to Parking is prohibited on the association’s plots of land, walkways, areas in front of garages and other entrances. For bicycles, there are bicycle racks in courtyards or at gates. There are also bicycle rooms in the basement, these have limited space, so be careful how you place the bicycles in these and use your individual storage if you do not use your bicycle regularly. Do not park bicycles, electric scooters, cars or other vehicles on sidewalks or sidewalks that may disturb people with disabilities.

Access control system and locking system
The association has an access control system connected to the gates that is controlled via digital tags. The tags submitted by a previous member will expire two weeks after the transfer date. During the two weeks, you can pick up your new tags from the property manager. Contact information for the property manager is available on our website.

The PIN code and user ID from are required to book laundry times or common rooms via the website. The username is on the back of the tag (the number of the last two lines without zeros) and the PIN code you choose when you activate the new tags on the intercom the first time you use them.

If you wish to extend to more tags, you must contact the property manager.

Waste / Environmental house
We have four ”molokers” (bins for household waste). Two with green lid for food waste and two with silver lid for residual waste. These are located at the intersection Dr Hjort / Dr Bex gata, outside the environmental room. It is important not to put plastic or anything else that is not food waste in the ”green containers” intended for compost – we will then be charged extra costs. In the environmental room there is recycling for electronics, energy lamps, light bulbs, fluorescent lamps, batteries, metal, plastic, corrugated cardboard and cardboard, newspapers, colored and uncoloured glass.
Be sure to flatten cartons so that the container does not fill so quickly. Carrier bags and envelopes must NOT be thrown away in the paper bin. The carrier bags have too thick paper for this type of recycling and envelopes contain glue that interferes with the recycling process. Envelopes should be thrown in the household rubbish.
Plastic recycling should not be thrown in cluttered bags. Empty the bag with plastic waste into the container or leave the bag open. When plastic is recycled, it is sorted into large drums, which separates different types of plastic for different types of recycling.

The association has an agreement with ComHem that delivers a basic offer. The cost is included in the monthly fee. If you want more channels than the basic offer, you can contact ComHem.

Laundry rooms
There are 11 laundry rooms equipped with two machines per room. Adjacent to the laundry rooms are also drying rooms and dryers. You book laundry time through the website or with a tag on the respective digital board in connection with the laundry rooms. Rules for booking can be found on the website or in connection with the respective laundry room.

The outdoor environment
We work continuously to maintain and beautify our outdoor environments. For those who are interested in garden activities, it is possible to grow on certain set aside areas. Contact the board via a form on the website if you are interested. The association has no stationary grills, but grilling may only take place at the common gathering areas on the farms, this to minimize the risk of fire and not to disturb neighbors with smoke and odors. It is therefore forbidden to grill on and under balconies or at facades. Remember to take care of your grill and store it in your storage when not in use.

If you have other questions or concerns, feel free to go to the association’s website. You will also get in touch with the board via the website.

Do you have ideas on how the association or the association’s outdoor environments can be developed? We appreciate and hope that many members get involved in the association with new ideas and suggestions!

The board of GbgHus 14